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Getting Started with Community Harvest Food Hub


Thank you for your interest in purchasing produce and other agricultural products through Community Harvest Food Hub!

How does Community Harvest Food Hub work?  Where is it located?

Community Harvest Food Hub provides access to a wide local food market from multiple farms in a single, online source.  Agricultural products are collated into one order per buyer and delivered weekly.  Growers make deliveries to our drop point at 82 W. Ashtabula St., in Jefferson and we handle food from that point forward.


How do buyers register with the Food Hub?

Registration is done online at  http://marketplace.chfoodhub.com


What is the Marketplace?

The marketplace is our online store.  Growers add fresh products weekly, and the store is open for purchasing Friday through Monday.


How often are invoices issued?

We issue invoices for each delivery, 1 per order, and ask payments be made on delivery, or within 2 weeks.


What does an order cycle look like?

You may place your order online at any time, but our order cycles close on Mondays at 5pm, for deliveries beginning Wednesday.  Growers are invited to update their inventory at any time.  If you’re interested in finding out when new products are added to the hub, be sure to join our mailing list.  You’ll get weekly updates on hub inventory, and an order reminder.