How-to: Add Products to the Online Marketplace

How-To: Add a Product to the Marketplace


Community Harvest Food Hub’s online marketplace is intended to be a simple interface, designed to feature local products to multiple buyers.  You are welcome to add your products to the marketplace every week, all day Thursday, until noon on Fridays.  Please follow the below steps to add your products.  For questions or assistance, call 440-624-3050, or email

Adding a Product to the Marketplace


2) Click “Product manager” on the left-hand side.


3) In the center panel, click the “Add Product” button.


4) Enter the name of your product – please use general terms first, such as “Kale, 1lb” or “Eggs, brown.”


5) Describe your product as thoroughly as you desire. Mention colors, sizes, etc. as necessary. Include information regarding packaging as necessary.  We will populate specific information such as “1 bushel box” per our packaging requirements before the product is approved, but it is often helpful for the buyer to include this information in the description.


6) Add the product category. If the marketplace does not contain your item (i.e., currants), please select the parent category that best describes your product.  We will add additional categories as needed before the marketplace goes live.


7) Select “Inventory” from the “Product Data” pane. Check the box marked “Manage stock?” and enter the total quantity available for your product.   Do not add pricing or vendor information.  The hub will add all data for these points during product verification.


8) Select “Submit for Review” when your product listing is complete. We will contact you with any issues – if you don’t hear from us, your product will be live in the inventory when the cycle opens for buyers.




Need help?  Try the following:

Email or call 440.624.3050 - We’re happy to help!

Growers who wish to participate in the hub, but do not wish to add products via this tool may request the hub to add products manually. Doing so may result in a surcharge of $10/order cycle.